Prayer List

Olga Alamilla

Tracey Bailey

Pat Baynes

Paige Bennett and Family

Virginia Beasley

Tyler, Cayla and Kynlee Beasley

Benjie Bullington

Richard and Brenda Carter

DeeDee Collins

Family of Betty Cook

Ray Connell

Michelle Connell

Donnie Crumley

Lynda and Marcy Denham 

Peggy Dullary

Johnny Dunn and Family

Avie Farmer

Kevin Donald

Phil Eason

Donald Exum

Lee Frazier

Baylor Garcia

Mary Gates

Katherine Godwin

Family of Glenn Green

Gene and Sylvia Green

Family of Chris Griggs

George Griffin

Chris Hasty

Cannon Hill

Jim Huggins

Ty Hurst

Dorothy Jones

Chris Kenzie

Garritt Lupo

Mike McBrayer

Doug Meders

Family of Judy Meadows

Ruby Meders

Shirley Marchant

Martha Morrell

Tommy Nash

Pat Newsome 

Charlotte and Terry Nichols and Family

Randy and Sherry Ogeltree

Dan Patrick

Tracey Perriman

Family of Linda Powell

Chris Raulerson

Pam Rollerson

Ray Dean Sauls and Family

Ashley Sauder

Ben Strickland

Family of Buddy Sutton

Becky Thomas

Ann Thortsen

Myrtle Whittington

Tracey Young

Front-Line workers (Nurses, Dr's, Ambulatory, Fire/Rescue, Police)

School System with Teachers / Students/Staff

Our Country

Our World

The Lost